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Our promise to you

Tired of unfair deals from other music licensing companies? It’s important to us to make sure our artists are given a fair deal. We know it takes a lot to create great music. Playtunes Music was founded by musicians so we know how important your music is to you. Our music is screened for quality by professional musicians, once you’re in you’re part of the family. The size of your checks will depend on how much quality music you contribute as an artist.

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With us you’ll be given a fair deal and treated right, no questions asked. Submit your music and we’ll take it from there.

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Sign up to create your account
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Upload your music
Payments are sent to you quarterly

3 Ways of potential income!


Single licenses: You receive 50% of direct license fees outside of our website.


Subscriptions: Whether your music gets used or not, you get paid! Payment is based on how much music you have in our catalogue.


Custom Music: We also get custom music jobs. If your style fits the bill, we may ask you to do some custom work for us.

Playtunes artists deal.

  • Playtunes Music artists agreement is non-exclusive. We will not get in the way of your music getting used elsewhere.
  • You retain 100% ownership of all your songs with Playtunes Music.
  • If royalties are generated, you receive 100% writers and 50% publishing.

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